I found this sweet little survey on my friend Mindy’s blog (Hi Mindy!) and thought I’d give it a go! Simple and sweet for this rainy day.


current book. I literally (20 minutes ago) just finished reading Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. Though I’ll save my actual review for my #52in52 blog at the end of the month, I really liked the storyline and the relatable characters. Mamas (& non-Mamas too), read this one!


current music. Lately I’m into random playlists on Spotify or Pandora. The 80’s love song station is pretty fantastic. And anything that makes E-man dance is good with me!

current guilty pleasure. Peeling off my gel nail polish! There’s just something so satisfying about getting it all off in one piece, amirite?!

current nail color. Currently colorless (see above). Mani time this weekend!

current drink. My Mom got the hubs and I started on hot water with lemon and honey. Seriously, so good. I hear it’s good for you too. When wine’s not available, it’s the perfect post-dinner bev. Though beware, the sweet/ citrus blend takes some serious perfecting!


current food. Homemade turkey taco salad with greek yogurt and hot sauce. Today marked my third day in a row. Obsessed.

current television show. Oh dear, here’s the current reality show list: The Voice, Survivor, RHOBH, Grey’s Anatomy and soon enough, Dancing with the Stars. But my favorite show at the moment is Breaking Bad, which the hubs and I are pseudo binge-watching on Netflix (howww did I ever survive without Netflix, yo?!?).


current wish list. One big miracle for one of the best uncles a girl could ask for. Let’s goooooo.


current blessing. My health. My family. My husband. My little man.

current outfit. Too tight jeans (get to the gym, B), wellies, + a cozy sweater. Rainy day gear at it’s finest.

current excitement. Spring!!! Love this time of year. And this weekend I’m hosting some of my girlfriends at my Stella & Dot jewelry party. Bring on the brunch and baubles!



And because I can’t write a post without a picture of E,,,,


Haircut #2 in the books as of this morning! Currently crushing on him.


Your turn! Answer one of the questions for me, pretty peas!

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