I just wrote ’32’ in the title box of this post. Is that my subconscious telling me I’m not quite ready for double 3’s? Or just my mama brain acting up again? One will never know.

In any event, I’m officially 33! My birthday fell on Friday the 13th this year. Whammy!

(did anyone else love this game show??!)

It feels like I had a long stretch of celebrating, and in actuality I did! Things kicked off on Wednesday when I enjoyed a long overdue haircut then met up with a couple of my favorite mamas, Angie & Lauren. We shared tons of laughs over drinks and small plates at Late Harvest Kitchen. So. Much. Fun. So grateful for these girls and their littles.


Thursday was ho-hum, but that night, Emery and the hubs gave me my birthday gift,,, the most gorgeous pair of diamond earrings. They match my engagement ring and have so much sparkle I could barely get a pic. Lucky girl I am.


My actual birthday was fairly status quo. We started with our normal breakfast scene. #thisis33


The hubs took call all day, leaving E & I to our own devices. We met up with our friends Kara & Etta for a lunch and a playdate. During his afternoon nap, these beauties arrived.


I spent the rest of nap time finishing up my burlap wreath over Girl Scout cookies and milk. Not bad for my first try but I’ll definitely be making another go at it sometime.


The evening pace picked up a bit, with some post-nap cleaning and dinner prep. At one point while E was eating in the kitchen, I ran into my bedroom to grab a couple shampoo/ conditioner samples for the guest bath. Emery started yelling out, so I scurried out of the bedroom, and apparently a little too fast because I jammed my second toe into the door. HARD. I don’t really have {kind, non-explicit} words I can use to describe the pain that followed, but it wasn’t a pretty scene. I’m fairly certain I broke my toe. And there’s basically  nothing to do for that besides buddy tape, ice, elevate and Aleve. Thank goodness for my husband because he brought me this lovely Valentine’s Day present since my slipper wouldn’t fit my fat foot. Good look, right?


Apparently turning 33 means you get instant Granny status {no offense, grannies}.

My mama arrived Friday night in the midst of the toe drama and stayed with us until Tuesday morning. On Saturday we did some V-Day lunching + shopping. I got some more flowers from my best S. And we stole lots of kisses from our favorite heartbreaker. Obviously.



My gift from Mom & Dad was this amazing black purse from Dooney & Bourke. After I opened it and expressed my love, she gets up and brings out the same bag in hot pink and tells me I have to choose one! What??! No!!


Being the least decisive person EVER, it literally took me until Tuesday morning to pick one (I went with black). I still adore them both though!

On Saturday night, the hubs took me to dinner at Napolese for a hybrid bday/V-Day celebration.


We enjoyed a few glasses of wine, a goat cheese appetizer, The Grand Went pizza, and an apple crisp dessert. So, so good. Loved the entire atmosphere. Made even more enjoyable by the little couches we dined in!



After dinner, we met up with some friends for a few more drinks at Ale Emporium, which turned into a few more at Saddle Up Saloon. Though I SO wanted to, I didn’t cut a rug on the huge line-dancing floor (see above-mentioned boot/ broken toe), but I DID run into this little lass! Yeehaw!


The rest of the weekend was full of shopping, lunching, cannolis, Gymboree, Bachelor by the fireside, Aleve + ice packs. E kept his Gigi running all weekend long. Gave that heart a good workout! <3


In addition to the above goodies, my Mama brought me a few books to read (see #52in52 off to the right). After she returned to the Mitten, I decided to forego my previous book, which I had briefly fallen out of love with, and start Amy Poehler’s ‘Yes, Please,’ which is much more in my wheelhouse (love autobiographies). In the midst of Amy’s hilarity and childhood stories, I found this gem which I found summed my week up perfectly.


Just stop.

All in all, a spectacular birthday weekend. Things don’t get all that crazy round here anymore, and I’m very accepting {& grateful!} of that. So long as I have a roof over my head, people I love and that love me in return, plus a healthy heart, I can’t possibly ask for much else. Though a painless toe would be nice ;)

I want to thank all those who took time out of their busy lives to wish me a happy birthday or send cards (mama loves snail mail!). I smiled so big when each one came in. Love, love. Or “happy, hapoy” <3


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