18 Months

18 months.

A year and a half.

6 months until 2.


No thank you.

Doesn’t compute.


I know it’s just a number. A number that I unnecessarily obsess over each month. But as much as I try to ignore it’s meaning, it’s still a number that reflects how big my baby boy is getting. And my desire to punch that number square in the mouth never weakens.

But alas, here we are. 18 months. And oh, what a year and a half it has been. My last update was in November, and Emery has continued to skyrocket since then. In all areas. Mobility. Sleep. Speech. Sassiness. It’s truly amazing watching the changes that occur as the clock ticks on.




Weight: 30 lbs 8 oz (93rd %tile) – up from 28.4 at 15 months

Height: 33″ (69th %tile)

The best word I’ve heard to describe Emery’s physique is ROBUST. He’s a solid kid. Nothing lean about him. He is currently in size 5 diapers, though I just bought size 6 overnighters. Shoe size is around 6, though Mama needs to get him back to Stride Rite for resizing. Clothing size is variable, usually depending on the brand. He fits into some 3T’s, a couple 24 months. But for the most part, he’s rocking 2Ts. His need for such a big size is solely based on his girth ;)


I sadly but honestly don’t have a true tooth count. At 15 months he had 9, and my best guess right now is that he has about 14-15. He’s been teething for what seems like forever, and kids don’t exactly open their mouths long enough for you to count. But I know his one-year molars are all in and there are a few incisors poking through too. So that’s my estimate and I’m sticking to it! Also, I misplaced his amber necklace awhile ago and after this round of teeth, I’m seriously considering buying another. Things haven’t been as easy as they once were. Lots of Tylenol.


Despite the teething, the food intake certainly hasn’t slowed down. Shocking I know :) He loves to eat. The sign for hungry is always in use! One of his recent achievements has been his use of silverware. Things started a bit on the sloppy side, but with a lot of practice and a lot of stained shirts, he has become quite proficient. Here are some of his favorite foods.

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal cups, Chobani yogurt tubes, Cheerios, blueberry waffles, pancakes (w/ any fruit), scrambled eggs
  • Snacks: pretzels, Annie’s crackers/ cookies, fruit (bananas, grapes, blueberries, apples, strawberries), cheese slices, veggie sticks, raw peppers
  • Lunch/ dinner: mac n’ cheese, cheesy spinach pasta, veggie stir fry, turkey dogs, spaghetti, chicken, pizza, fish sticks, PB&J, green beans, asparagus, squash, any dips!




Our schedule skeleton goes a little something like this:

  • Wakes between 7-8a. Breakfast shortly thereafter.
  • Morning activity (i.e. swimming, gymboree, museum, playdate, shopping, etc).
  • Lunch.
  • Nap approximately 2 hours starting at 1p.
  • Afternoon activity (see above).
  • Dinner.
  • Bedtime between 730-8p, preceded by a bath every other night & a large stack of books read by Daddy. Gotta have Mo the Monkey & his pac (yes, I would LOVE to get rid of it, but it’s sadly still a staple).


Clearly our next child will be THE WORST sleeper ever since E has been so amazing.



When isn’t this kid on the move?? Basically only when he’s trapped somewhere, like his highchair. But he climbs up on that now too,,


Otherwise he’s constantly go-go-going. Even his stroller days are very few and far between. He loves to run, march, & climb on most everything. We’re working on his jumping but he’s not quite clearing the ground yet. He just learned how to use the slide on his own. He usually shows off his best skills in Gymboree.

One of his favorite things to do lately is “shoot hoops” in his playroom. I swear, this boy has quite the skill set when it comes to sports and hand-eye coordination. He makes baskets about 80% of the time; MUCH better than his Mommy & Daddy (sorry, dear). And he just loves to whack balls around with his plastic golf clubs. I can’t wait to see what kind of sports he will pick up once he gets older.



Though we’re not having full conversations just yet, E is well on his way. He’s got quite a few words down pat: mama, dada, allie, sissy. He can tell us what many animals say: lion (rawr), snake (hiss), wolf (awooo), doggie (woof woof), pig (oink oink), etc. He says choo-choo, thank you, ho ho ho, hot and more. He can point to his head, ears, nose, eyes (blinks hard), tongue, belly (aka. ponzoon), and toes. We are working on “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes.” He still uses some signs, including eat, more, please, all done, and hot. He loves to read and be read to, so I don’t doubt that one of these days he will straight up ask me a question and knock me right off my feet.



Emery is a true toddler in every sense of the word. We have lots of moody behavior, periods of incessant whining, and the occasional tantrum (like during lunch at Panera). He HATES having his diaper changed anymore. And he likes to swat at Mommy and Daddy when he doesn’t get his way (ps,, how do we correct that??). But usually (& thankfully), that behavior is short-lived and followed up with some of the best times we’ve ever had. He gives the BEST hugs, kisses and snuggles we could ever ask for. He loves to laugh. He loves to have us countdown or say “ready, set, go!” so he can take off running down the hall. He loves holding my hand when we’re walking together in public. He loves to flop face first into couch pillows or the bed. And he is great at giving his fur-sister some loving (“nice Allie”). Though this age can be extremely challenging, it can also be the most fun. I’m cherishing it, of course.



Fun happenings from the last 3 months:

  • Hanging with his cousins celebrating Jadon’s 11th birthday. I swear he had fun.


  • Thanksgiving festivities.


  • Christmastime. Constantly amazed by the lights and decor.



  • New Years Eve dance parties with his BFFs. Because it’s always about the buh-buh-base.

  • Staying up late to watch the ball drop ;)

  • The Urban Chalkboard, one of our new fun hangouts for playdates!


  •  Bounce housing.


  • Tea parties with Hank and his baby.


  • Hockey game spectating with Big D.


  • Playdates! He (& mommy) has so many great friends.





  • Kisses and raspberries.




  • First haircut, January 2015!! The mullet before,,




{selfie videos apparently lessen haircut anxiety!}

& after!!



He did perfect. No tears. All smiles. And the best news is he still has a little curl to his hair, yay!


  • First snow day of 2015!


  • Baby five (thanks, Lora!!!)

  • Disney on Ice with Dominic!





Emery,, Mama and Daddy love you ohsovery much! Please remember how much you love snuggling with us when you’re sleepy, and how much fun giving hugs and kisses is. Because we love them too and never want them to stop. You’re the best little boy we could’ve ever asked for. Now, ready, set, GO!!!!



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