A Day in the Life

You may (or may not) wonder what the day in the life of a SAHM is like, so I thought I’d put together this timeline of our Wednesday, start to finish! Spoiler: no bon bons.

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552a – alarm sounds. Time for today’s PiYo workout! Just one more snooze and I should be good to go,,,

631 – I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve snoozed,, oh forget it. I’ll just workout later. It’s too cold out and this bed is wayy too cozy. Lil more shut eye for me while E sleeps.

650 – up again. I lie awake in bed playing on my phone. Watch Gordie Howe video Ricky sent a few days ago. Listen to E coughing on the baby monitor. Poor buddy has a cold. He’s still sleeping though so I continue the iPhone time suck.

734 – E’s finally awake so I go upstairs and retrieve him from his crib. He’s happy! Which clearly makes me happy too. You never know when he’s sick. We play in the steam from his cool most humidifier then he snatches the glasses off my face and runs around his room for a few.

743 – downstairs to get his morning cup of milk. Let Allie outside in the frozen tundra and laugh as a piece of plastic (from construction site next door) blows from behind the trees and freaks her right out.


748 – E successfully gives A her treat (yes, this is a win).


751 – up to the playroom. I start working on this post while E plays. We read his Daniel Tiger book for the first time today.

800 – Cheerios & coffee! Note to self: drink more water today.


806 – Flip through How Sweet Eats cookbook for dinner ideas. Text Shannon about play date ideas.

818 – &&& here comes the snot. All the Boogie Wipes are in my future today, yayyy.

840 – breakfast! E enjoys an oatmeal cup with some fruit. I continue my coffee and a homemade gingerbread cookie for good measure (this is what happens when I skip my workout).





900 – start kitchen clean-up.

910 – cleaning interrupted by doorbell. Workers arrive a little early to measure future exercise room. Discuss rubber flooring options. Decisions ahead, yay!

920 – diaper/ outfit change for E. Oatmeal is everywhere.

935 – quick change for Mama. E rifles through drawers and steals my toothbrush per usual.


ps,, this stuff is the greatest.


958 – bundle up and drive to Earth Fare for groceries.

1009 – quick run to Old Navy! Can’t resist. E has fun cruising up and down the aisles.



1030 – get to the check out and realize I don’t have my wallet. Crap. Girl says she’ll hold onto my things. Back to my car and realize it’s not there either. Ugh. Back home we go while I try to retrace my steps.

1039  – got it. It was in my other purse that I used on Sunday. I literally turn right around and head back to the mall. Hoping E doesn’t fall asleep.

1120 – after retrieving my things from Old Navy & getting some TASTY goods from EF,, we load up the car and head home (again).


1144 – nap time! E goes down without a problem. Let the Mama to-do list begin!! Things accomplished: unload groceries, 30 min PiYo workout, shower, shake/ lunch, podcast (Serial,,, so good!).




E’s snow gear arrived and it’s adorable!! My little hunter. GPop is proud.


136 – E’s up after less than 2 hours. Eh, I guess I’ll take it. I finish up on my computer while he “reads” in his crib.

145 – Crib retrieval. Mr. Sniffles is a little moody this time around, so I try and cheer him up with a dress-up session. He’s a bit skeptical of his new gear, but Mama was happy with his runway walk around the living room ;)






200 – After letting Allie back inside, we sit down for lunch: black bean and sweet potato quesadilla I picked up at Earth Fare. So good. But after (foolishly) giving E a sip of my Shakeology, he wanted nothing to do with the dilla. I eat part of it instead, and whip out the homemade guacamole which he proceeded to mow down. At least it’s a veg. Mother of the year,,,


215 – Tyler and Shannon arrive for our playdate!! E & T are 2 weeks apart and met in baby class at Gymboree when they were 5 months old! Now they’re in a big kids Gymbo class as well as the same swim class. We decided to hang at our house since the weather is (once again) so miserable – cold and windy. The boys spend lots of time in both the playroom and basement chasing balls, climbing on the indoor jungle gym, and playing with the FP farm.

IMG_8281 IMG_8283 IMG_8285

445 – kids start showing some signs of fatigue,, playdate over! We’ll see each other tomorrow at Gymboree.

449 – Face Time with Gigi & GPop!


540 – get dinner ready for E – cheesy spinach pasta, blueberries, apples and a glass of milk. Nothing fancy tonight. Call hubs back who called during Face Time. Says he’ll be home soon.

552 – get shoes on and send out quick email while waiting. Realize I haven’t turned the TV on all day,, win!!

600 – hubs home. Kisses & I’m out!

625 – arrive to hair appointment 10 minutes late, whoops. No sweat, thank goodness. My awesome stylist Monica dolls me up and gets rid of my mullet!


710 – text hubs saying I’m on my way home. He tells me Emery passed out shortly after I left. It’s hard being a toddler!

732 – I’m starving so I make a pit stop at Chick-Fil-A, which (once again) has the. longest. line. ever. What’s with this place??! I get so annoyed, yet I wait every single time. So I guess I get it. #wafflefryme

755 – Home, turn on the fire, and plop down on the couch with my fried goods & lemonade (don’t judge,, it was delicious). Survivor time!


830 – hubs asks if I want to watch the most recent episode of Homeland on DVR. Duh!

930 – back to finish Survivor and this post (ps,, I LOVED writing it, but a LOT of work!).

1000 – get into my pjs and snuggle up in bed with more Serial!


Summary,,, despite my wallet flub and a lack of adequate nutritional value in my food (including poor water intake), I’d say today was an overwhelming success. We got out of the house, we had fun with friends, and Mama had a little get-away! SAHM-ing is the best.



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