What I’m Loving Lately II

Happy Friday! It’s been a little while since my last check-in, and the hiatus was for very good reason. And though at times the time away is a nice break, there are definitely moments when I miss getting my thoughts out there. So what better way to get back at it then with a fun post! Here’s the second version of What I’m Loving Lately!

My New Car

The hubs and I had been toying around with the idea of leasing a new car for a couple of months. I have always bought my vehicles, but with my average mileage, we figured we’d give leasing a try. We had originally thought we would bite the bullet in the spring. But then, Libby the Liberty’s heat went out. So things got moved up a bit. We did some “shopping” the weekend after Thanksgiving and by the following Monday, I was driving home in my new Infiniti QX60!



Someone was pretty excited about Mama’s new ride.


She still needs a name, by the way. The current front runners are FiFi and Fin. Suggestions welcome!


The Starbucks for Life Carlton commercial. Because it’s the best.

Speaking of the best,,, may I present: Ice Cubes in Ice Tea. I mean,,, yes.


Home for the Holidays

What is it about Christmas decorations that just make the house feel so much more warm & cozy? I’m just in love with how our home looks all gussied up for the holidays. Makes me never want to put the sparkle away. I’m so excited to wake up to all of this on our first Christmas morning in our new home.






Even Emery has his own tree! That makes a total of 3 :P


Now if only I could get my shopping done/ started.


Holiday Parties

I’ve never been the type to receive a bazillion party invites over the holidays. Usually one, maybe two at best. But this year seems to have broken the mold. So far I have three on the docket for December, the first of which was last night with my neighborhood ladies. We met at the clubhouse for dinner/ drinks/ & an ornament exchange. Oh so fun. The laughter was certainly flowing like wine :) This weekend is our first Ugly Christmas Sweater party in Bloomington and next week is a cocktail party downtown with some Perfect Strangers! Tis the season!


My Mama

Don’t get me wrong, I love her everyday. Not a day goes by without us talking. She’s my best friend. But this past week has amplified my love for her ten fold. One week ago Thursday she underwent major surgery and let me tell you,, nothing rocks you to the core than seeing someone that special to you that “under the weather.” Thankfully, the surgery went beautifully and after 5 days in the hospital at University of Michigan, she was discharged home. Her recovery will be a bit slower than I’m sure she’d like it to be, but if anyone has the motivation to get back to baseline, it’s my Mom. Emery and I spent a full week in Michigan, schlepping back and forth the 60 miles to Ann Arbor many, many times (ps, my new car has already met it’s monthly limit in just one week – whoops). Though it was an exhausting week on many levels, seeing her snuggle with Emery the night after she got home was truly everything. <3


& finally, these are a few of the pictures I’m loving lately.

E & Uncle Ricky. Check out that eyebrow.
My bathing beauty.
First sips of chocolate milk at Alley 59. Thanx Auntie S!
Fishy watching.
Fishy watching.
Pool shark.
My pool shark.
Post-nap snuggles selfie.
Emery on my GPS!!
All smiles visiting Gigi & GPop’s new house!
Tiramisu anyone?


Have a wonderful weekend!! xo.

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