Six Months

Dear Emery,

I can’t think of anything that rhymes with six, but as of this week, that’s how old you are! In months of course.


Oh my, where to begin. First, I have to say that this has been probably my favorite month so far. For so many reasons. You’re not only growing like a cute little weed, you’re becoming a true little man. Interacting more. Eating big boy foods. It’s so much fun to watch. We’ve moved into our new home. You’ve started a couple new classes (swimming and Gymboree). And you continue to make us smile and laugh with your squeals. To say we love you to pieces is an understatement.

In order to keep track of all your milestones, I usually jot them down in my iPhone so my mommy brain doesn’t forget a single one. This month I’m going to copy that list for you and your family/friends to read just as I’ve written.

Month 6:

Rolled from back to belly in crib, 12/24/13.

Belly sleeping.

Moved to new house, 12/28/13.

Constipation from oatmeal.

Pears! 12/30/13.

Happy New Year!

Prunes 1/1/14.

Pinching and pulling – ow.

Grabbing everything.

Carrots! 1/5/14.

First blizzard, 1/5/14 – almost a foot of snow!

Homemade sweet potatoes, 1/8/14.

Play date with Dominic.

First time in the BOB sitting like a big boy! 1/10/14.

Applesauce, 1/11/14.

Gymboree Play & Learn! 1/13/14.

Avocado, 1/13/14 (not a huge fan).

6 month check up – cries.

New bouncer from Gigi & Grandpa.




Now let’s elaborate!

You’re still sleeping very well. Especially at night. And especially since you’ve started eating real foods. There was a little stretch earlier this month where you would wake me up in the middle of the night to eat, but that seemed to stop once we filled your belly better a bit better. Now before bed, you eat dinner, take a bath, and nurse. Of course, we put you to sleep lying on your back, but nowadays you are rolling every which way in that crib of yours. In fact, it’s pretty typical to find you 180 degrees from where we laid you down the night before. Mommy and Daddy are both tummy sleepers, so no surprise it’s your position of choice too! Your still not a huge napper (besides on me or Daddy), and sleep training has kind of fallen by the wayside since we moved. So we take what we can get at this point! It’s more important to get a good night’s sleep than to nap anyway.


I mentioned food, so let’s talk about that next! We started feeding you oatmeal back in early December (around 4 1/2 months), and you did awesome. So after a few weeks, we decided to trial some other foods, starting with pears and prunes. Your doctor told us that it was important to stick with one new food at a time just in case there’s any adverse reaction. But thankfully so far, you’ve tolerated everything you’ve eaten! Having said that, you have had some pee double-o pee changes (due to oatmeal and avocado) which have caused a bit of discomfort. But with the exception of some uber red faces and embarrassing grunts in the middle of Target, your system is functioning just fine. Currently you’re eating twice a day: once in the morning about an hour after you get up, and once at night around 6p. I think we will start feeding you lunch soon, seeing as how you stare everyone down when they’re eating in front of you ;) You’re still breastfeeding, and Mommy still isn’t sure when she’ll start weaning you from that. So continue we will!


Pre-dawn, post-milk coma

Another thing that has made a comeback recently is your spit up. Bleh!! I now understand why Mommies put bibs on their babies all day long. You are now one of those kids. One day last week we changed your outfit FIVE TIMES due to an attack of the prunes (which you had eaten at breakfast). Mommy hopes this is just a quick phase because it’s icky and the water bill is surely high this month.

What goes down, comes right back up.

What goes down, comes right back up.

We moved into your new house just over 3 weeks ago and you’ve adjusted quite well! We didn’t think you’d have any issues since you’re still so young, but there was always a question. Since we now live in a subdivision, we can load you up in your stroller and head out for a walk/ run so much easier! In fact, we’ve gone for quite a few walks so far and will go for many more once the temperature decides to go above freezing. We’ve also had a few playdates with your friends, Dominic, Luke, Jacob, Izzy & Laney, who live nice and close now! I’m sure there will be many more where that came from. You’ve transitioned perfectly to your new surroundings, which makes for a very happy household.


Let’s see,, you’re still going strong with cloth diapering. And Mommy has finally come to love them! I think you love them too – microfiber tush FTW! Your temperament is very chill for the most part but you seem to be the happiest when you’re in Mommy or Daddy’s arms. In fact, you’re even starting to reach for me when you’re being held by someone else. Often times I have to hide so you don’t see me! Spoiled boy. You are also starting to get some stranger anxiety. It seems like if people approach you calmly, you’re more likely to accept them faster. The ‘in your face’ approach definitely doesn’t work with ya. Grandpa learned the hard way with that ;) Mommy hopes that with all your new classes you become a little more socialized and less afraid.



Six Month Stats: Weight – 15 lbs 10 oz (22%). Height – 26.5 inches (59%). Head circumference – 16.75 in (22%). Still fitting into 6 month clothes when you have on a disposable dipe, but that big crotch typically gets you to the next size up!


Milestones Achieved: To summarize those mentioned in the list above,,

  • Rolling from side to side with the greatest of ease.
  • Tummy sleeping.
  • Swimming. You went under water for the first time yesterday!
  • Talking tons (aka squealing!).

  • And as of your 6 month birthday, you are officially sitting up on your own!!!!

Things You Like:

  • Sophie – your first true love.
  • ExerSaucer (aka the circle of neglect)
  • When Mommy says, “HELLO, BABY!!” or sings you any sort of song that she’s made up.
  • Mirrors. I’d love them too if I were as cute as you!!


  • Your Sassy jumper (thanks Gigi!)
  • Post-bath tummy time. [Note: I have incriminating pictures I'd love to show, but for the sake of your future reputation, I'll keep them under lock and key ;)]
  • Chunky sweaters & hamming for the camera.


  • Food! Esp Mommy’s homemade stuff!


  • Water Babies!


  • Gymboree!


  • Morning naps in Mommy & Daddy’s bed.


 Things You Don’t Like:

  • Naps.
  • Your carseat. A modern day torture device!
  • Pooping. It used to be SO easy, didn’t it buddy? Darn you, solid foods. Thank goodness for prunes and pear juice.
  • Lately, bath time hasn’t been your favorite. Probably a phase.

Places We’ve Been This Month: Besides your classes, which are all local, we haven’t taken any out of town trips this month! Weather permitting we will do more traveling next month.

Exciting Upcoming Events: Nothing to speak of at this time!

Things Mommy is looking forward to:


Last Month,,


This Month,,





It's not always puppies and sunshine, let's be honest!

It’s not always puppies and sunshine, let’s be honest!

Recovery :)

Strong recovery :)

My sweet E, how I love love love you. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your precious, fast-moving, incredible life. You truly are my sunshine when skies are grey. Here’s to many more monthly updates!!

Love always,



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