Race Recap: Run4Love (& cupcakes!) 5k

Oh my,, it’s been FOREVER since I last wrote an actual race recap!!! Not gonna lie either. It. Feels. Good.

I signed up for the Planet Adventure Run4Love 5k a few weeks ago. I mainly wanted to get something on the calendar to keep me accountable for some sort of activity as my motivation to exercise is STILL lacking [help!]. I was unable to recruit anyone to run with me, so come Saturday morning, after a quick breakfast and the application of multiple layers (compression gear included!), I made my way out to the race solo.



The park where the race started was less than 10 minutes from our house. Of course I left earlier than I needed to, partly because I still had to pick up my bib, which took all of 2 minutes. So I ended up sitting in Libby for 20 or so minutes with my coffee, the heat & seat warmers on full blast. In hindsight, I should’ve delayed things a bit longer so I could’ve kept warm at home – it was C O L D !!!!




How did they know this was my last week as a 31 year old??

Just before 9a, the runners headed out to the start line. The race was one of the smaller ones I’ve ran, with around 200 runners. Lots of friends, families and cute costumes. Oh, and the knee socks! I still say that the Perfect Strangers patented the knee sock look, but oh well. Trend setters ;) As we waited to start, I donned my gloves, my buff, and my hat. I bounced around in place in attempts to keep warm (I know, I hate on those people too!). Shortly thereafter, the whistle blew, and we were off!

We ran on clear pavement for the first half mile which transitioned to packed snow/ice as we turned into the nearby subdivision. It wasn’t treacherous by any means, but enough to keep you focused on each step ahead. I kept a steady pace around 930 min/mi. My freezing fingertips helped push me along as I tried to keep a tight grip on my phone.

Just after the first mile marker we came upon the first water stop, which was also supplied with mini cupcakes from Gigi’s! True to form, I passed right by the water and grabbed a mini vanilla treat with chocolate frosting. Mmmm. It gave me the quick sugar buzz I needed to propel me through the next couple miles. I almost devoured the wrapper too!!

I trucked along the course comfortably, which turned snow covered as we left the subdivision. Tiny snowflakes fell, and the bitter cold on my face didn’t feel particularly good, but again, it kept me moving. Probably faster than I would’ve gone had it been warmer.



As I hit the final stretch, I realized we were going to be a bit shy of 3.1 miles, which wasn’t all that heartbreaking. Did I mention it was SO cold??! I crossed the finish line in hopes of finding a space blanket to snuggle up in, but instead I found a cute medal and another cupcake! I was satisfied :)



Gah! Totally freaked out by the camera girl who jumped in front of me!!


Gigi’s van!



I immediately found some warm water to run my hands under in the bathroom – holy frozen fingers. Once the tingling subsided, I conquered my sweet treat and checked in with the hubs. Had to make sure our baby boy was doing okay! I tried to wait it out for the fun awards ceremony, but I bailed a bit early so I could grab a Starbucks and make it to my hair appointment on time. It was warmer in my Jeep anyway!

Overall I’m very pleased with my first postpartum race!  A fun one at that. I definitely hadn’t trained for it, so I got what I expected. And turns out I came in 13th place with an official chip time of 28:55! Lucky 13!! Hopefully with more consistency (& better weather), my speed and form will continue to improve. It feels like I’m starting on a clean slate since Emery came along, which in a way is a good thing. New body equates to new goals which equates to new fun!


Let’s do this, buddy!!

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  1. Ashley Melone

    Take away those question marks for the Freep in October! I need a goal — and maybe if I kick my butt in gear, I can train up to your pace to run it with you. (no pressure)


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