Seven Months

Dear Emery,

Oh thank heaven for turning seven !!!


First of all, I’m sorry this update is so late! As always, I took your pictures on your actual seven month birthday, but the blogging part has been lagging behind. No worries, Mama’s finally here to inform you and your family & friends what’s new!

Good times this month, buddy. As I look over your ‘Month 7′ list on my iPhone, I see lots of new foods, some visits from family, a long overdue road trip and some new milestones as well. On the first day of your seventh month, you learned how to sit up! That was huge! For awhile you were still pretty wobbly, falling left/ right/ and back all the time. Thankfully there were no injuries besides a few bruised egos. A lot of your instability had to do with those giant cloth diapers Mommy puts you in (you sit much better with a disposable on). But over the past month you have pretty much mastered the sitting task, which has been a total game changer. I can now sit you up on the counters while I’m getting ready or doing things in the kitchen (with me right next to you of course!). You love sitting on the floor playing with your Fisher Price farm. You hang out on the washing machine while I’m doing laundry. And you especially love sitting in front of mirrors! Who wouldn’t love looking at that face!


Hello, BABY!

Kale baby!


Oh, and bath time is much more fun now :)


While we’re on the topic of movement, you still aren’t crawling [Mama says that's fine by her!! ;)]. What you ARE doing is a whole lot of moving around. You love to roll back and forth. And you do tons of scooting around in your crib. You’re never in the same spot for long — unless you’re asleep. I’m sure it won’t be too much longer before you’re actually moving clear across the floors and I’m conjuring up sneaky ways to barricade you in!

Food. Wow, you LOVE food! In addition to nursing, you’re eating two meals a day (breakfast and dinner) with veggie or banana Mum Mum biscuits in between. Mommy is hesitant to start feeding you lunch because once she starts, she knows she won’t be able to stop! But as I was reminded, most of your current nutrition is from breast milk and all solids are basically for “fun.” So we will continue on our same routine for now. Mama is still enjoying making all your meals and you clearly enjoy eating everything that comes at ya!

Foods you’re eating:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Green beans
  • Peas
  • Butternut squash
  • Yellow squash (not a huge fan)
  • Pears
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Prunes
  • Oatmeal
  • Mixtures: peas/carrots, peas/squash, apples/banana/oatmeal, apples/pears, pears/banana.


This month we also started putting you in high chairs when we’re eating out! The bigger you get, the less time you like to spend in your carseat it seems. So out you come! Even though you still look like a little peanut in those big chairs, Daddy and I are so proud with how well you’re doing! Growing up so fast,,,


Dinner at the clubhouse!

So we’ve been talking about how you might be teething since you were about 3 months old. But so far, no teeth! Last month I was pretty certain something was on it’s way out. Lots of drooling, hands in the mouth, etc. But still nothing! Mama bought you a baltic amber teething necklace which is supposed to help alleviate any discomfort you might have. We put it around your neck during the day (it’s supposed to stay close to the target area) and at night we wrap it around your ankle under your jams. Again, Mama’s not sure it’s doing anything since you haven’t sprouted any teeth, but we will wait and see! She jokes it’s from the witch doctor ;)


Sleeping has had it’s ups and downs. Recently you’ve been waking Mommy up in the middle of the night. Mostly around 4a.  This was after you’d been sleeping through the night so well. Boo. You eat right before bed, so we don’t think it’s out of hunger. But since you fuss until you eat, thats what we do – feed you. Thankfully you go right back to bed afterwards. The only downside with this process is that you wake up with a 10 pound diaper and super-soaked jams after your midnight snack!! Not fun. The past two nights you’ve slept through the night, so hopefully that was all just a phase. On the plus side, napping has been better! You take nice morning naps in your crib, giving mommy a chance to either shower or workout (sometimes both!). Afternoons are a little less predictable but you usually snooze a bit, either in the car or on Mommy. She likes her daily snuggles with you. Bedtime is still usually between 730-830 after dinner, bath and bf! And your sleeping position of choice? Tummy all the way.



You had a little bout of congestion this month, which seems to be on its way out. You weren’t sick sick, just a little junky sounding at night. We handled things with a cool mist humidifier and some saline nasal drops (ohhh how you hate anything that comes into contact with your nose!). Never once did your stuffiness lead us to believe it was anything more than a little virus. Cold #1,, check!

Oooh steam!

Oooh steam!

Seven Month Stats: No ped appointment this month. Clothes-wise, you’re still in some 6 mo, mostly 9, and some 12 mo pants!

Milestones Achieved: 

  • Sitting like a champ.
  • Swimming underwater! You’re now in Little Swimmers 1 and getting better and better each week!
  • High chair chillin.
  • You’re close to saying Dada!


Things You Like:

  • Sophie, chuh.
  • Your feet! Once that diaper comes off its game on!!


  • Grabbing EVERYTHING. No matter what I’m holding, you want it, and you want it in your mouth now! Then you usually throw it on the ground ;)
  • Jumper.
  • Gymboree. ALWAYS makes you smile. We finally moved you up to the next level which starts Thursday. We will miss our baby friends!
  • Sledding.


  • Allie!


  • Toys: FP farm, Sassy guitar, B. stacking blocks, Mozart the Monkey, teething rings, & books.
  • Laughing!

Things You Don’t Like:

  • Too much time in your carseat.
  • Being left alone. Even when M&D are 5 steps away!
  • Any stoppage in meal time. If you could say FEED ME you would!

Places We’ve Been This Month: Besides our local spots (all indoors,, too cold still!), just our trip to Michigan!

Exciting Upcoming Events:

  • Trip to Florida in April!!! 8-)
  • Spring!

Things Mommy is looking forward to:

  • Running outside!!


Last month,,


This month!





Bye bye, sticker.


Sporting Uncle Ricky’s #1 shirt!!





There was a Mommy who had a baby and Emery was his name-o,,


We love you, big guy!! Lets get rid of this cold weather so we can start having fun outside!! Til next month,, mwah!

Love always,



2 thoughts on “Seven Months

  1. Cheryl

    I can’t wait to play with my E. He is such an adorable baby. I especially love the videos of him. My favorite is the mirror video. Give E big kisses for me and tell him we will play SOON as this darn weather gets better.
    Love Aunt Cheryl

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