Eleven Months

Dear Emery,


Oh my heavens, you’re already ELEVEN!!


Part of me is excited that your 11 month birthday is also the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. These days, your Mommy is hanging onto every day/ every hour/ every moment, because the next time she writes one of these, you will have been in our lives for ONE YEAR! Time definitely has picked up the pace over these last few months. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet,, we still need to talk about your 11th month! It was a goodie!


We started off the month with our longest road trip yet: to Traverse City! Mama blogged about it already, but we had an absolute blast. You were a champ during our 7 hour drive. You had lots of QT with Gigi and GPop. You learned how to shake rattles and cowbells and had your first experience as a race cheerleader. You took your first trip to Petoskey, where Mama and Daddy got married. And you went on the swings for the first time!! It was certainly a memorable way to start the month!



That wasn’t our only trip of the month. We went back up to Michigan less than a week after TC, and this time we hung out for an entire week. Daddy had lots of golf to play with GPop and some of his friends, so we decided to make a long trip out of it. And yet again, we had a blast! Here are some pictures from our trip.

A thrilling drive
Visit with Baba! Three generations.
Celebrating Baby B at his beautiful baby shower!
Taking Uncle Bean’s wheels out for a spin.
If you won’t wear it, Mama will!
Gigi has a baby picture of your Mama with a Cheerio in the exact same place!
Curls. Swoon.
Bath time!!
New hat, new shoes, new baby!
Swinging with the fam at Mama’s old middle school. Go Broncos!
Someone found a mud puddle.
Finally up on all fours, and cruising straight to the dog bowls.
MORE swinging! Can’t get enough.
Dinner at Indianwood!

This month we also celebrated your first Father’s Day with all of the important men in your life! Grandpa & GPop (plus Grandma & Gigi) came down to spend the weekend with you. We played outside, BBQ’d, and had a grand ol’ time.



Grandpa & GPop
Happy 1st FD, Daddy!


Now for the nitty gritty stuff! First, food! I honestly don’t think I need to be charting everything new you try lately because honestly,, there’s not much left you haven’t tried!! You’ve been eating like a crazy man lately, and you have the belly to show for it 😉 Seriously, you never stop. So since I wrote it down, here are some of the foods that were new to you this month.

  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Blueberries (your fav)
  • Strawberries (your other fav)
  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Asparagus
  • Hamburger
  • Cheese quesadilla
  • Animal crackers
  • Yogurt (tubes from Trader Joe’s)

Again, that’s definitely not the entire list, but you get the drift! Mommy is very happy that now when we go out together now, it is pretty easy to find somewhere with something you can eat. We’ve dabbled in kid’s menus at Panera, Noodles, Chik-Fil-A and Chuy’s. And you’ve also become a food pouch champion. You can mow one of those down in 45 seconds flat! Plus, no mess! Win! Mama prefers Go-Go Squeeze & Happy Baby brands, but you’ll always take whatever she gives you.


In addition to solids, you’re still taking a bottle 2-3 times a day and Mama is nursing you at morning at night. But sadly, you’re becoming less and less interested in the nursing part. I think over the next little while, we will start weaning you completely. Though I’m pretty sure you’d be able to stop cold turkey at any point. It’s a Mommy thing, babe. And I’m SO proud to say we’ve gone almost an entire year. Who would’ve thought??!

Bedtime snuggles

As for sleeping, you had a good routine going this month! Sleeping 10-12 hours a night (don’t hate me), morning nap ~ 2 hours after waking, afternoon nap ~ 4 hours later, then bedtime anywhere from 630-8p. Getting you into a routine was SO nice for Mommy. She would shower during morning nap, and get odds and ends done with BOTH of her hands the rest of the time. But towards the end of month 11, you whipped out your (in)famous nap strike again! Mostly you would fall asleep in my arms and wake immediately after I laid you down in your crib, only to cry and cry and cry until Mommy couldn’t take it anymore and came and got you. There were times when you would cry, then settle yourself down and play quietly, but still no nap. You would do that at all naps and even at bedtime. Mama realized that she probably shouldn’t let you fall completely asleep on her so that you get used to settling yourself on your own. But once again, you didn’t really agree with or like that program. It’s been a bit of a battle, but hopefully this phase is on it’s way out. The good news is no matter how crazy you nap, you’re still an awesome nighttime sleeper. So Mama can’t complain TOO much.


Oh, speaking of sleep — we finally moved your mattress ALL THE WAY DOWN at the end of May. Mama knew that once you started standing up in your crib (oh yeah, have I mentioned that yet??!), it was something that needed to happen to keep you safe! So down she went. Along with a few tears on my face. But you’ve handled it just fine. Such a big boy.


So you started the month with your awesome army crawl. As many times as we tried to get you to tuck those knees underneath you, you’d just fuss and sprawl back out. So we let you go. And you got from point A to B just fine that way. But we slowly noticed you doing the “real thing” every now and them. It wasn’t until we got to Michigan for the second time that we finally noticed you truly crawling!

Since then, you haven’t looked back. You’ve turned into a speedster on all fours and can make it across the room in no time at all. You’re also crawling, standing, and climbing on EVERYTHING. Especially your Mama! You’re not a fan of sitting still for very long anymore. It’s tons of fun though, for everyone. Daddy and I love watching you get around. Guess it’s really time to invest in those baby gates, huh??!


Eleven Month Stats: In clothes, you’re wearing 12-18 month size. Some 18’s are a little big depending on the brand. But throw a cloth diaper on you and you fill those bad boys right up!

Milestones Achieved/ Firsts:

  • Crawling on all fours!
  • FOUR new teeth!! You now have 4 on top and 2 on bottom! They took awhile to start, but now they’re not stopping! And you’re doing GREAT.
  • First playdate at Cool Creek Park with Miss Callie!


  • Almost mastered the “all done” sign!
  • Gymboree Bubble Bash



Things You Like:

  • The water! Specifically, the pool. You’ve always loved swim class, but this month we introduced you to the pool at our clubhouse, and I dare say you’re in love. Splashing, swimming, and kid watching is your new favorite! Thankfully there’s a lot of summer left to be had!


  • Parroting. You’re our little parrot!

  • Bellowing and screeching (see above!)
  • Food, obviously. You’re a bottomless pit like your Daddy!
  • Bottles.


  • Kicking!

  • Tickles, especially on your feet.
  • Throwing your basket of socks all over your room.
  • Throwing anything. Especially food on the floor.
  • Playing with Allie!


  • Your playroom!


  • Grabbing.

  • Mo the monkey!
  • Playing with (and disassembling) doorstoppers.
  • Swinging!! You’re a giggle machine everytime.


Things You Don’t Like:

  • Being wiped down post-meal. Still such torture.
  • Staying still during diaper changes is a thing of the past. You’ve turned into a squirming ninja, and I’m often having to hold you down with one limb just to get the job done! And I think your changing table days are numbered.
  • Taking off your swim clothes. Suuuuuction!
  • You had a little allergy scare this month. We were out for a long walk and when we got back, your eyes were puffy, red, and watery. You were also really warm (it was a hot day). After stripping you down, feeding you and getting you cleaned up, you were fine. But Mama has a suspicion something in the air didn’t agree with you. No more scares since then.

People We’ve Seen:

  • Grandma & Grandpa
  • Gigi & GPop
  • Uncle Larry & Auntie Paula
  • Baba
  • Auntie S
  • Uncle Bean
  • Dominick & Miss Angie
  • (sorry if we left anyone out!)

Exciting Upcoming Events:

  • Your birthday!!!!!! 😀

Things Mommy is Looking Forward To:

  • Another trip to Michigan in July.
  • Celebrating her baby’s 1ST birthday. She can’t even believe it’s already here. Tear!

Last Month:


This Month: 















My sweet baby boy,, it’s been an amazing 11 months. Let’s round out your first year with a bang, okay?? We love you!!


Love always,




  1. Angie says

    Oh Bri – he is such a gorgeous boy!!! Such a beautiful family you have. I’m so happy for you all. Give him a hug for me:)

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