My last post was titled Currently. Today I'm going with Lately. 2 months away equates to a whole lot of haps.   Spring has finally sprung! This means that 21 month old Emery and I spend most of our days outside. Or "side" as E would say. … [Continue reading]



TGIF! I found this sweet little survey on my friend Mindy's blog (Hi Mindy!) and thought I'd give it a go! Simple and sweet for this rainy day.   current book. I literally (20 minutes ago) just finished reading Big Little Lies by Liane … [Continue reading]

iPhone Photo Dump!


Babies + winter + boredom = lots and lots of (poor quality) pictures. Thank goodness for cute subjects!   During Gigi's last visit, E spent some QT with the garbage can in the shower. Because why not? Pretzel me! A cold day … [Continue reading]

#52in52, February


Hi and happy March! Sadly it's nowhere close to springtime here in Indiana with plenty of snow still covering the ground. But fingers are crossed that things will warm up soon. Mama is OVER IT {"it" meaning winter}. My only saving grace right now is … [Continue reading]



I just wrote '32' in the title box of this post. Is that my subconscious telling me I'm not quite ready for double 3's? Or just my mama brain acting up again? One will never know. In any event, I'm officially 33! My birthday fell on Friday the … [Continue reading]