15 Months

3 months ago. Feels like yesterday.

It's been a LONG time since I've written an official Emery update. I told myself once he hit ONE that I would cut back to every 3 months or so. So before I go forgetting all that's happened over the last little bit, I'm here with an … [Continue reading]

Race Recap: 2014 IMM

#perfectstrangers (photo cred MD)

I came into Monumental race day less than two weeks after the Freep Half, after which I wasn't in any hurry to lace up my kicks again. I figured that if I were to run any faster in Indy than I did in Detroit, I would've had to have put in the work … [Continue reading]

All the Right Moves


While baby naps, Mama blogs! This should be my go-to routine, but inevitably my task list changes on the regular. However, today as I sip my soy latte with two pumps of pumpkin spice (mmm) at the kitchen table, I find myself reading an 'All the Right … [Continue reading]



This weekend was classic fall in Indiana. Chock full of crisp air, light jackets, scarves and tall boots. And the trees. Swoon. SO many beautiful colors out there already!! I loved every minute of the past few days. If I could freeze-frame life into … [Continue reading]