Mommy went to a nurse practitioner conference last Friday and Saturday, leaving E in the hands of his Daddy for two whole days!! I’ll let you determine if the weekend was successful or not ;)



Morning shower success = playmat + closet!




Daddy quote: “Key to starting the day right… Morning Drive [golf] on all TVs.”


2+ hour nap!




Are you seeing a theme here?


After their walk on a beautiful 50 degree day! [Allie photobomb]


On Saturday, my boys traveled north to meet the newest addition to the family, Remi! Here are the proud dads and their babes :)


Saturday night snuggles. Mama missed her boy SO MUCH.


All in all, a very good weekend for everyone! Thanks to the husband for taking such good care of our little man!

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Every week, Emery and I go to Gymboree Play & Learn for a little kiddo socialization. He loves it. We sit in a circle with other moms and their babies, sing songs, and play games. No matter his mood going into class, he always leaves smiley. But to be honest, I think I enjoy it just as much (if not more) than he does.


E has been going to the baby class since January (ages 0-6 months). However, once he turned 6 months and learned how to sit up on his own, his teacher has been hinting on how he is ready to move to the next level. Over the last few weeks, her hints have become much less subtle. Especially as she watches him sit, reach, babble, etc. “I know, I know,” I’d always say. She’d smile and love on him just the same. I’d justify my slacking on the date/ time of the new class. But let’s get serious. The real reason is obvious: I just don’t want him growing up so fast.

So I finally bit the bullet and today was our first day in the level 2 class. E was surrounded by 5 beautiful little girls, all around the same age as him. But each one of them was on the move. While my little guy sat sweetly in my lap, I watched as these littles cruised around with their mommies close behind. Wow, I thought to myself. That’ll be us soon.

One of my favorite things about Gymboree is the mommy discussions. Typically there is a focus point, and we go around the room giving our answers. It’s a nice way to fire up discussions and talk about things our husbands typically don’t want to ;) Today we were asked what the biggest surprise has been since becoming a mother. There were a variety of answers, ranging from lack of sleep to the challenges associated with having two children instead of one. My answer was the sudden lack of spontaneity and how challenging breastfeeding has been. Then, a mom a few seats away from me said something that really struck a chord. She said that recently there’s been this weird dichotomy as a mother. Wanting to watch your baby to grow while at the same time desperately missing that snuggly baby that wants nothing more than to be in your arms at all times. She admitted feeling sad that her little girl is growing up. I can’t get her answer out of my head.

I think as a new mom with a tiny newborn, so much time is spent wishing your baby would just get a little bigger and a little more grown-up so they wouldn’t be so fragile. Because fragile is terrifying. But then once they learn how to do one thing (i.e. hold their head up), you’re immediately wanting them to do something else (i.e. roll over). This trend continues in the early months. And I’m honestly not sure where the desire to fast forward time stems from? New mommy bragging rights? Not wanting as much responsibility? Possibly. But either way, I would say that those feelings are quite common at that stage of newness.

But now. Now. 7 months later. Of course I continue to wish for my baby boy to achieve his next milestone. What parent wouldn’t want their child to grow into a healthy little person? But as soon as he does, it’s like I wished it never happened. It’s kind of like he is one step farther away from me. In his last update, I mentioned how nice it is now that Emery can sit up solo. And it still is! But it’s also just the tip of the iceberg. Now that he can sit up, I can see him getting more and more curious about his surroundings. Reaching for things. Twisting around in my arms. It’s becoming increasingly rare that he is just content sitting in my arms as still as he once was. He’s growing up before my very eyes, and though it’s amazing to watch, it hurts my heart a little to see his baby-ness fade away. Next he’ll be crawling, then walking, and then he’ll be off to kindergarden. Deep breaths, mama.


Jill at Baby Rabies wrote an amazing post a few months ago talking about this exact topic – and with much more eloquence than I am doing. She discusses how there is no shortage of people reminding her to enjoy these precious times with her littles (she has 3!). And reminding her constantly how fast it goes by. Though most of these people mean well, it instills a sort of pressure on moms, making them feel guilty that they in fact may not be treasuring each moment. By not “enjoying this time” we are somehow letting these special moments pass us by, leading us to the edge of a proverbial cliff, a place at which there is no more baby-ness left. She ends her post by requesting that those same people remind us just how beautiful it is to watch them fly.

Jill’s post then led me to this post on Momastery, where those fleeting childhood moments discussed above are broken down so well. Glennon discusses two different types of time: chronos vs. kairos. Chronos is the time we live in. Real time, in seconds, minutes, and hours. “Chronos is the hard, slow passing time we parents often live in.” The time that your baby is screaming. Loudly. In public. And you are counting the seconds until you can retreat to your home. And then there is kairos, which is metaphysical time. “Those magical moments in which time stands still.” Like the times when I’m rocking Emery to sleep at night and all I can feel is is his breath on my face. All I can smell is his sweet scent. And all I can wrap my brain around is how lucky I am to be in this moment. That is kairos.


So as hard as it might be, our babies will [God-willingly] grow. They will advance to the next level in Gymboree. Lots of people will tell you to “enjoy this time, it goes so fast.” And you’ll feel guilty that you’re not doing that every minute of every day. But as long as you’re present, positive, and have those moments of kairos, you will be okay. I will be okay. We will all be okay. Promise.


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I try to workout everyday, but even seven months after having a baby, I’m still lacking motivation to get fit. Mama’s about to have a rude awakening on race day next month.

I try to get myself to bed at a reasonable hour, but after the boy goes down, I have this insatiable need to do grown up things. Like watch reality TV and drink wine.

I try not to get frustrated when I’m tired the next day due to the above-mentioned activities.

I try not to drink excessive amounts of caffeine everyday because of my sleep deprivation. And by excessive I mean 2+ cups. & an afternoon Starbucks. Mostly, I fail.

I try and ignore the fact that we’ve been in our house for two months and still don’t have living or bedroom furniture. Hey, that old lumpy college couch does the trick for now, right?

I try and remind myself daily that I need to have my pictures uploaded somewhere safe or printed. Neither of which I ever find myself doing. I’ll use this as yet another reminder.

I try to eat healthy more often than not, but there are days when pretzel sticks and a jar of Biscoff just can’t be passed up.

I try to walk quickly past the box of donuts sitting on our kitchen counter. But sometimes I stop.

I try and laugh about how much better Emery eats than the hubs and I. Hey, I guess we both need personal chefs too!

I try to have a positive outlook on life, but sometimes there’s just too much bad stuff in this world that likes to cloud my skies.

I try to remind myself not to get so down about this miserable winter we’ve had. Remember: sunshine state next month!!

I try and remember to get my tail light fixed (at the dealership literally 5 minutes away), but instead I just avoid driving in front of cops.

I try my best to touch base with friends who I haven’t spoken with in awhile. But I seem to make it harder than it really should be. So if I haven’t talked to you lately, leave me a love note below and I’ll call you soon? Pretty please? :)

I try to stay up to date on my nurse practitioner skills now that I’m a SAHM. That’s why I’m attending a 2-day conference this weekend. Let’s talk about medicine people!

I try not to worry about leaving Emery with the hubs for two days straight later this week. But that’s because I know they’ll be just fine without me. Tear.

I try to remember what it was like before Emery was a part of our lives, but I truly and honestly can’t do it. He’s been the best thing to happen to me. To us.


As you can see, I try a lot.

And thought I fall short sometimes,,

Life is good.




Thanks to Macy Gray for today’s inspiration ;)

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Dear Emery,

Oh thank heaven for turning seven !!!


First of all, I’m sorry this update is so late! As always, I took your pictures on your actual seven month birthday, but the blogging part has been lagging behind. No worries, Mama’s finally here to inform you and your family & friends what’s new!

Good times this month, buddy. As I look over your ‘Month 7′ list on my iPhone, I see lots of new foods, some visits from family, a long overdue road trip and some new milestones as well. On the first day of your seventh month, you learned how to sit up! That was huge! For awhile you were still pretty wobbly, falling left/ right/ and back all the time. Thankfully there were no injuries besides a few bruised egos. A lot of your instability had to do with those giant cloth diapers Mommy puts you in (you sit much better with a disposable on). But over the past month you have pretty much mastered the sitting task, which has been a total game changer. I can now sit you up on the counters while I’m getting ready or doing things in the kitchen (with me right next to you of course!). You love sitting on the floor playing with your Fisher Price farm. You hang out on the washing machine while I’m doing laundry. And you especially love sitting in front of mirrors! Who wouldn’t love looking at that face!


Hello, BABY!

Kale baby!


Oh, and bath time is much more fun now :)


While we’re on the topic of movement, you still aren’t crawling [Mama says that's fine by her!! ;)]. What you ARE doing is a whole lot of moving around. You love to roll back and forth. And you do tons of scooting around in your crib. You’re never in the same spot for long — unless you’re asleep. I’m sure it won’t be too much longer before you’re actually moving clear across the floors and I’m conjuring up sneaky ways to barricade you in!

Food. Wow, you LOVE food! In addition to nursing, you’re eating two meals a day (breakfast and dinner) with veggie or banana Mum Mum biscuits in between. Mommy is hesitant to start feeding you lunch because once she starts, she knows she won’t be able to stop! But as I was reminded, most of your current nutrition is from breast milk and all solids are basically for “fun.” So we will continue on our same routine for now. Mama is still enjoying making all your meals and you clearly enjoy eating everything that comes at ya!

Foods you’re eating:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Green beans
  • Peas
  • Butternut squash
  • Yellow squash (not a huge fan)
  • Pears
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Prunes
  • Oatmeal
  • Mixtures: peas/carrots, peas/squash, apples/banana/oatmeal, apples/pears, pears/banana.


This month we also started putting you in high chairs when we’re eating out! The bigger you get, the less time you like to spend in your carseat it seems. So out you come! Even though you still look like a little peanut in those big chairs, Daddy and I are so proud with how well you’re doing! Growing up so fast,,,


Dinner at the clubhouse!

So we’ve been talking about how you might be teething since you were about 3 months old. But so far, no teeth! Last month I was pretty certain something was on it’s way out. Lots of drooling, hands in the mouth, etc. But still nothing! Mama bought you a baltic amber teething necklace which is supposed to help alleviate any discomfort you might have. We put it around your neck during the day (it’s supposed to stay close to the target area) and at night we wrap it around your ankle under your jams. Again, Mama’s not sure it’s doing anything since you haven’t sprouted any teeth, but we will wait and see! She jokes it’s from the witch doctor ;)


Sleeping has had it’s ups and downs. Recently you’ve been waking Mommy up in the middle of the night. Mostly around 4a.  This was after you’d been sleeping through the night so well. Boo. You eat right before bed, so we don’t think it’s out of hunger. But since you fuss until you eat, thats what we do – feed you. Thankfully you go right back to bed afterwards. The only downside with this process is that you wake up with a 10 pound diaper and super-soaked jams after your midnight snack!! Not fun. The past two nights you’ve slept through the night, so hopefully that was all just a phase. On the plus side, napping has been better! You take nice morning naps in your crib, giving mommy a chance to either shower or workout (sometimes both!). Afternoons are a little less predictable but you usually snooze a bit, either in the car or on Mommy. She likes her daily snuggles with you. Bedtime is still usually between 730-830 after dinner, bath and bf! And your sleeping position of choice? Tummy all the way.



You had a little bout of congestion this month, which seems to be on its way out. You weren’t sick sick, just a little junky sounding at night. We handled things with a cool mist humidifier and some saline nasal drops (ohhh how you hate anything that comes into contact with your nose!). Never once did your stuffiness lead us to believe it was anything more than a little virus. Cold #1,, check!

Oooh steam!

Oooh steam!

Seven Month Stats: No ped appointment this month. Clothes-wise, you’re still in some 6 mo, mostly 9, and some 12 mo pants!

Milestones Achieved: 

  • Sitting like a champ.
  • Swimming underwater! You’re now in Little Swimmers 1 and getting better and better each week!
  • High chair chillin.
  • You’re close to saying Dada!


Things You Like:

  • Sophie, chuh.
  • Your feet! Once that diaper comes off its game on!!


  • Grabbing EVERYTHING. No matter what I’m holding, you want it, and you want it in your mouth now! Then you usually throw it on the ground ;)
  • Jumper.
  • Gymboree. ALWAYS makes you smile. We finally moved you up to the next level which starts Thursday. We will miss our baby friends!
  • Sledding.


  • Allie!


  • Toys: FP farm, Sassy guitar, B. stacking blocks, Mozart the Monkey, teething rings, & books.
  • Laughing!

Things You Don’t Like:

  • Too much time in your carseat.
  • Being left alone. Even when M&D are 5 steps away!
  • Any stoppage in meal time. If you could say FEED ME you would!

Places We’ve Been This Month: Besides our local spots (all indoors,, too cold still!), just our trip to Michigan!

Exciting Upcoming Events:

  • Trip to Florida in April!!! 8-)
  • Spring!

Things Mommy is looking forward to:

  • Running outside!!


Last month,,


This month!





Bye bye, sticker.


Sporting Uncle Ricky’s #1 shirt!!





There was a Mommy who had a baby and Emery was his name-o,,


We love you, big guy!! Lets get rid of this cold weather so we can start having fun outside!! Til next month,, mwah!

Love always,



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31 was such a great year. Maybe because it’s my favorite number in reverse. Perhaps it’s because we moved into our new home. Or maybe that little chunk of a baby that graced our world ;) It’s certainly a year I won’t soon forget. But with a hint of hesitation, I must declare: Out with old and in with the new!

Turning 32 has been unlike any other birthday thus far. On my birthday eve, the hubs and I briefly escaped from our parenthood duties and enjoyed a fantastic dinner at Divvy. If you love small plates, or just straight up amazing food, go here. Some of our plates included beer cheese fondue, fried pickles, corn creme brûlée, and duck drummies. Oh, and don’t forget the sriracha martini. We will most definitely be back.


My actual birthday was incredibly uneventful, yet incredibly awesome. Aren’t some of the best days those where nothing really happens? Perhaps that’s just me. Anyway, the hubs worked the day away, so E and I basically hung out all day. The electrician had to come by in the morning, so we were housebound until early afternoon. While E took his late morning nap, I cleaned the wood floors and tackled some much needed organization of my closet. Nothing like getting rid of clutter to clear one’s head.

P is for pierogi!

P is for pierogi!

I debated on taking Emery down to The Children’s Museum or perhaps the mall, just to get out of the house. But then I realized that would require me to get myself ready, which I didn’t really care to do. So since it was a beautifully sunny day AND above freezing (woo woo!), we decided to go outside instead! Emery was gifted his very own sled for Christmas, which he had yet to use. Not to mention he really hasn’t been in the snow at all this winter! Shameful I know. So we capitalized on the warmish weather and hit the yard for some wintery fun.







Don’t let those eyes fool you. I guarantee he had fun out there. Minus the parts where Mama accidentally tipped him over. Oops ;)

We did manage to leave the house once, for my free birthday Starbucks! We returned shortly after our quick drive, and spent time playing & packing for our upcoming weekend in Michigan. He was just such a doll. Cheery, giggly, and lovey. I spent so much of the day just feeling so lucky to call myself his mama. And enjoying my first birthday with him in my life. What more do I need?


His good mood ran right through his [lack of an] afternoon nap, which led to an early bedtime, which allowed me to get some laundry and my own packing done. Then this.


Friday morning came really early, as someonE decided to wake up and stay up at 4a (typically he will eat and go back to sleep for a few hours). Our early morning caught me off guard and put me in a sour mood from the get-go. The only positive that came out of it was that it allowed us to get our stuff together so we were out of the house and on the road to Michigan by 9a.

Sleepy eyes

Sleepy eyes


I’m ready, Mom!


En route

Our drive north was uneventful (we missed the Indy snow by an hour or so!), making it to the mitten in just under 5 hours. Our new home is about 30 minutes south of our previous one, so that + unforeseen baby/ puppy stops now means a slightly longer trip. Shortly after our arrival, Uncle Bean stopped by with a birthday gift for me and lots of loving for his nephew.





We’ve got a heartbreaker on our hands, for sure.



Our next visitors were Rob, Cindy, Olivia & Robbie! Cindy is my honorary big sis/ former babysitter, and I used to babysit Olivia when she was a wee one. Needless to say they’re a staple in our lives so they were all eager to see our little guy and how much he’s grown since the summer. While they were there, we were joking around trying to get Emery to say his first words, prompting him with suggestions such as Deadhead and Pops. Then out of nowhere, we all stopped dead in our tracks when he sweetly uttered the word “Papa.” NO idea where it came from, but we were all so excited to witness that moment! Whether or not that comes out again has yet to be determined. But I’ll be on the lookout for sure! Thanks for visiting guys!!

Gigi and GPop arrived a bit later after they finished working (what’s that? ;) ). We decided to stay in seeing how it was Valentine’s Day and restaurants would likely be crazy. So after our cranky, nap-deprived man hit the hay, we enjoyed 5* pizza, wine, and some Olympics in our cozies. Oh, and I was gifted the little gems pictured below by Mom and Dad,, love! Home is certainly were the heart is.


Saturday morning was a lazy one. Mom and Dad had to work again, so the three of us just hung out at the house. After the hubs left for the gym, E and I played until he went down for his morning nap. I immediately jumped into my workout clothes and went down to the treadmill for a quick run. I anticipated a short one knowing how “well” Emery likes to nap. But to my surprise, he slept nearly 2 hours in the crib, giving me enough time for 4 miles at 38 minutes AND a shower! What a nice little treat!


My tummy sleeper (yes he’s breathing!!)

My friend Cora and her daughter Camille stopped by in the afternoon for a little impromptu play date. We watched and laughed as Camille “The Tornado” ransacked the house and everything in her path. I silently gave thanks for the fact that, with the exception of a little rolling, my son is still essentially immobile,, for now ;)



After calling around earlier in the day, we finally made reservations at Brio for my delayed birthday celebration/ Valentine’s Day. In attendance was myself, the hubs, Emery, Gigi, GPop and Auntie S. We kicked things off with some tasty adult beverages, while my son, sporting his uber adorable gingham and paisley shirt, made his way around the table.




After our delicious dinners were gone, little man started whining a bit. He and I walked around the inside of the mall for a few minutes in attempts to calm him down. When we returned to the table, he was still a bit irritable, so I resorted to handing him a hunk of sourdough bread. And let me tell you,, he gnawed on that thing for a solid 20 minutes. But after he finished and tossed the slobbery remains on the ground, he was a perfect angel. He even helped me enjoy my cake! Such a good lil buddy.


My hunk with his hunk (o’ bread)


Before bed, GPop and E had a little fashion show with his new winter hat. Have I mentioned that they’re pals again? Thank goodness!




Sunday we awoke to another cozy morning, enjoying the last of our family visit over coffee and homemade waffles. The snow was falling ever so beautifully outside, though it prompted our departure a little sooner than planned.


Post-meltdown preshy babyface

Post-meltdown preshy babyface

So, as hard as it is for me to believe that I am already 32 years old, I’m ever so looking forward to what lies ahead this year. It kind of feels like this stage of my life is like I’m 2/3rds of my way through marathon training: I’m finally hitting my stride. Things aren’t necessarily easy, but they’re good. So good. And everyday I continue to learn something new that I will then take with me to use later on down the road. Though 32 is not even close to being 2/3rds of my way through life, running always provides me with good perspective. & metaphors :)

Hi, 32. Ready, set, go.


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